welcome to paradigm!
Thanks for choosing paradigm for your celebrity roleplaying needs! Our goal is to provide an active & fun home for members who are dedicated to making the community thrive together. Besides providing a fun and welcoming environment, our top priority is that in character and out of character lines are not to be crossed and that our members feel safe and comfortable playing within the confines of our community. Therefore, we encourage potential members to enable commenting from registered users only.

Once you have done that and you are interested in joining us, peruse the taken list, read through the rules and drop us off an application. We're happy to have you!

Adds will be Tuesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise stated.

We are a celebrity roleplay community and at this time, you may only join with celebrities who are famous in their own right. Significant others, family members, friends, employees, etc are only allowed if they have notoriety of their own. Journals should include only letters of the first, middle, or last name. Common nicknames are also allowed (i.e. "Andy" or "Missy"). Please do not include any special characters in the journal name, including underscores.

AIM is not required, but is recommend for interaction. Screennames must include some form of the celebrity's name!

Before applying, you should have the following in your journal: a recent backdated friends only post reflecting date (not year) of application and contact or screened post. You will need to supply us with at least one journal entry and one scene example, either locked in your journal, left in our dropbox, or linked in a compilation journal in which the mod journal is friended. As of right now, we will allow up to two challenges per role so the more examples provided in such a situation, the better.

Please note and agree upon applying that we will not answer questions about why an application was rejected. Please do not PM us or comment us asking why you were rejected, we will not answer. Rejections happen when we have reviewed your examples and we do not, for various reasons, see you as a good fit with our members.

activity expectations
Once you are accepted into paradigm, you have three days to post in enunciate introducing yourself to the community.

The update limit is four weeks, with members given roughly 28 days to update their journals. You may post anything you like in your journal so long as the post is visible to all members, not backdated, and has comments enabled. Removals/activity checks happen on a weekly basis, so please keep your journal up to date.

Given the generous update requirement, we will take into account activity history when considering extensions and override requests. If we have seen no public activity from a member for at least two weeks, they may be available for override on a case by case basis.

Current members become eligible for override when their journal has not been publicly updated in four weeks, unless they have requested an extension. Members are also eligible for override if they (1) have not updated their friends list in more than two weeks; (2) have not responded to the majority of their comments on their last two posts or entries; (3) have not posted an introduction or replied to the majority of comments on their introduction in more than a week.

If you are interested in overriding a current member, please contact us. Attempts to override without one of these reasons will not be allowed. Please understand that we do our best to be fair to everyone and there are exceptions to the rules for members who've requested extensions, etc. Life happens. We understand. If you need a break or more time to post in your journal, please feel free to contact us for an extension or hiatus.

Hiatuses must be for a set amount of time not to exceed 6 weeks. During your hiatus, all public activity is off limits. We do not police custom posts, and we understand if you continue to maintain some activity privately. But public activity will result in the hiatus being revoked without notice. Failure to contact us to extend your return date will result in removal for inactivity.

To protect the privacy of all of our members, all entries in this community must be locked to friends only. We have set the minimum security setting on our admin console button to friends only for all members. If you need help changing this setting for whatever reason, please feel free to contact us.

We would like to keep this community free from out-of-character drama. Our members have the right to a safe and fun community without harassment or bullying. Malicious IC/OOC crossing is prohibited. We reserve the right to remove members from this community due to complaints of out-of-character harassment.
* We ask that our members please avoid anonymous bullying. We would like to make this community safe for all members to be comfortable and have fun. We have a zero-tolerance rule regarding posting community content in other journals and will take action to make this community safe for our members. If the problem persists, we reserve the right to remove members from the community.
* We ask that our members please turn off anonymous commenting in all community journals.
* We will NOT respond to anonymous comments or obvious spam journals.
* Please feel free to contact us with any questions/problems/issues that arise and we will do our best to help in a timely fashion.

Please let us know if you notice any errors we have made. We're only human!